Morgans Pomade USA Website Launch!

Morgans Pomade USA Website Launch!

Finally! Morgan's Pomade products can now be ordered in the U.S and shipped directly to consumers! Styling men since 1873, Morgan's Pomade has various types of men's grooming products but all containing natural ingredients. From styling pomades to facial hair products, Morgan's has what you need. Morgan’s is the epitome of old fashioned values combined with the latest technologies, bringing you high quality products. Morgan’s has diversified from the hair darkening range that made it so famous and now produces a large variety of products for both men and women, including men’s grooming, hair care and skin care. Although our Original Pomade is still one of our best-sellers, our Retro Barber range is growing in popularity throughout the World. We are offering a 10% discount on visitors first orders. Just use code: MORGANSUSA

Memo: Introducing New Topiclear Design!

Memo: Introducing New Topiclear Design!

This is an announcement to introduce and educate on the new Topiclear Number One brand design. The Topiclear Number One Skin Lightening Cream and Topiclear Number One Soap package now have a lighter look to match its character and purpose of the product for the multicultural market. Topiclear Lemon Skin Lightening Cream and Lemon Soap have a new light yellow look to match its purpose of having lemon extract properties in the products.

This memo is also meant to clarify any FAQ (frequently asked questions) about the new look.

1. Is the formula the same with the new design packaging?

-Yes, the formula to our Topiclear product line remains the same. New design, same results.

2. Why is there a new package design?

-Topiclear has created a new way to be recognized by its purpose and properties. Both Topiclear Number One and Topiclear Lemon products can be identified by their new look based on their features.

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