New line of Topiclear Coconut in Lotion and Cream.

Miami, May 2017

We have heard so much about the benefits of Coconut for the skin that we decided to create our new line of products with it. This summer Topiclear Inc launches the new Coconut Skin Tone Body Lotion and Skin Tone Body Cream, right choice for moisturizing and nourishing. The benefits are as always the fresh treatment of your body and the desired results of your complexion.

Ideal for treating hyper-pigmented areas, Topiclear Coconut line of products have been prepared including Betula Alba Extract Leaf as one of the main ingredients to even out your skin tone. Topiclear Coconut is produced without parabens and petroleum oil, utilizing natural ingredients to make it the great choice for Skincare.

Apply thru your whole body with a lightly wet pamper after cleansing your pores with any of the Topiclear Soaps-exfoliating, antiseptic, or cleanser. TO get better results, you may apply one time in the morning and one time before going to bed. The freshness and moisture lasts 24 hours in your body.

Come see us at our booth 31181 to get more information about the new Topiclear Coconut Skin Tone presented in 500ml lotion bottle and 6oz cream jar by International Beauty Exchange Inc.