For Immediate Release

Topiclear Paris exhibition at Beauty World Middle East

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Date: May 26th – May 28th

Booth Number : S1H34


One’s personality offers an impression, but it is one’s appearance that makes an impression visibly come to life. From May 26, 2015-May 28, 2015, Topiclear Paris Skin Care will be presenting their world renowned skin care products at Beauty World Middle East.
Topiclear Paris Skin Care offers two collections of products that are made to assist in the enhancing of one’s over all skin appearance though revitalizing skin tone and complexion. Topiclear Classic Collection products are designed to help decrease one’s unattractive blemishes, skin discolorations and pigment. Using renowned soaps, lightening creams, fade gel and a beauty lotion, the Classic Collection is able to gently exfoliate the skin and normalize the production of skin oil.
As a world innovator in beauty products for over 20 years, Topiclear Paris Skin Care will effectively contribute to the world’s largest beauty trade show by promoting affordable yet effective skin care products for all skin tones. Topiclear Paris will give consumers of the show the option of choosing from their two lines of products, which have both been proven to improve skin appearance through natural moistures and ingredients.

Contact: John Graterol
Vice President of Sales
(305) 903-8628